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TAC offer: 10% TAC on Room rate
Agent bookings will start once the seasonal tariff has been published. 10% TAC on Room rate is applicable. Confirmation is based on room availability of the time of booking.

Pre-booking exclusive offer: 7% Discount on Room rate

Regarding to the TAC, please note that, official travel agent booking starts only from August/September, once the seasonal tariff has been published. However, availing our special pre-booking - mutually exclusive - offer you ensure that there will be upto 7.5% discount rate for you as special offer along with room confirmation. Please note that, variations (if any) on Government (UTL) accommodation tariff or tax structure has to be paid as extra on final settlement.

Entry Permits & Documentation
The Lakshadweep island is a restricted area for outsiders, both the Indian nationals and foreigners. The issuance of entry permit with supporting manifest (Itinerary report) is characterized by intense activity and confusion in terms of HSC or Ferry schedule; and not to mention the unusual/illegal reservation tactics by authority. It's because of this, permit documentation is normally outsourced by us to the local agents in Kavaratti, Lakshadweep. Therefore, a service charge on the 'resort or tent package', owned by the Union Territory of Lakshadweep (UTL) is applicable. The cost of documentation service will be less if in case of group booking.

We have our agents in different islands who are co-ordinating Lakshadweep tour other than the representatives of tourism authority. This will help us to eliminate most of the basic problems that a guest will encounter, including unusual/illegal cancellations of their booking or an inordinate delay on the issuance of entry permits that risk their journey.

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Peak Season Availability at Kadmat Beach Resort, Lakshadweep – Starting from December 01, 2014 to January 10, 2015

Lakshadweep Seasonal Tour Programmes - 2014-2015

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Need for safer ferry systems in the Lakshadweep

Colombo Dockyard launches 400 passenger vessel ‘MV Corals’
Colombo Dockyard launched a 400 Passenger cum 250 Ton Cargo Vessel ‘MV Corals’ Thursday, built for the Union Territory of Lakshadweep, Government of India.

The massive derecognition of 25 approved travel agents of Sports, RTI Appeal to Lakshadweep Tourism

Probe into malpractices in Lakshadweep Administration

Adventure Holidays in Lakshadweep: Dive Centers in Lakshadweep Islands
Experience the most beautiful coral-rich habitats in the world!


The Continuing Tale of Scheduled Tribes Exploitation, in the U.T. of Lakshadweep

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Investment opportunities for tourism developments in the Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep Archipelago (India), Features – Earth Observatory NASA

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Dealing with circumstances
Get first-hand information and facts to make the best possible travel arrangements to Lakshadweep:- Deal or no deal
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Coral Reef Expedition to Lakshadweep Island groups

Expedition to group of islands includes with Kadmat (Kadmat, Bitra, Kiltan, Chetlat, Ameni) ; Kavaratti (Kavaratti, Agatti, Suheli, Bangaram, Thinnakkara, Kalpitti, Parli) ; Kalpeni (Kalpeni, Andrott, Thilakkam, 1,2,3, Cheriyam, Pitti) and Minicoy (Minicoy and Viringili).
For more details please address with 'Coral Reef Expedition to Lakshadweep'

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